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Mormons are Christians (the full name is

'The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints') and like many Christians we like to keep the Sabbath day (Sunday) holy by not participating in sports and athletics.  So, because it is held on a Sunday, the London Marathon is out for us, which is why we host our own events. 


The 9th Selsdon Half Marathon event will take place on Saturday 24th March 2018 at 10:00am. You can run the half or the Half Marathon Relay race. Not ready to run a half? Get into a team of three where each runs a 4.36 mile leg.


If you’re a frustrated non-Sunday runner who would nevertheless like to be involved in a marathon (or at least a half one), or you want to use the Selsdon Half in your training programme for the London Marathon or if you just like running (16 and over only) then please come along and join us.  


All are welcome to register (£23 fee for Half Marathon or £15 per team member for the Half Marathon Relay Race), however, please note that this is not an officially measured or timed UK Athletics recognised event.




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Start of the 2011 Selsdon Half Marathon






24th March 2018 




The half marathon (13.1 miles) will start from and finish at the Church meetinghouse (Selsdon Ward) just outside Croydon in Surrey, located at 2-4 Selsdon Park Road, Selsdon, CR2 8JA. (Corner of Ashen Vale and Selsdon Park Road). The route, through some of the beautiful Surrey countryside, is hilly and undulating. 

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We sponsor two Charities. After event running costs have been met ALL the proceeds go to these two charities.  Please consider getting your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you on behalf of the South East Cancer Help Centre.



 These folks do a brilliant job of helping people with cancer and would really benefit from your support.  


The second charity is Reach the Children

Reach the Children UK works to provide impoverished children in Africa opportunities to become self-reliant by strengthening families, neighbourhoods and communities. Help us to help this great charity by raising money through just giving.


Thank you for your support of these two very worthy causes!