Sponsorship Form


You can print this form and use it to recruit sponsors for your chosen charity or if you don't have a charity PLEASE consider the South East Cancer Help Centre.                                                                      

          Or if you don't wish to get sponsorship but would just like to make a contribution, please go to my South East Cancer Help Centre Just Giving Page.



I am going to run in the Selsdon Half Marathon (13.1 miles) and will raise money for: (enter the name of your chosen charity)




I was hoping you would sponsor me, either an amount per mile (£1 or £2 or £5 or even £10) or a total amount.  Whatever you feel you can give will be well used and gratefully received by the charity.


Please enter your Name, address and the amount in the form below:


NAME (Firstname and Surname)ADDRESS (Full address including postcode)AMOUNT (either an amount per mile or a total amount)